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Gordon Baldwin (b. 1932), a teacher and ceramic artist since the 1950’s, has gradually returned to an exploration of the vessel.His recent work has developed in the opposite direction of many of his contemporaries, moving from “pure sculpture” into integrated “sculptural pottery”.The new forms are minimalist and muted, sensuous and subtle.His interest in the vessel has not deterred him from continuing to explore a wide array of disciplines; he cites influences ranging from the work of surrealist sculptor Jean Arp to the contemporary music of John Cage.He also continues to find inspiration at “The Place of Stones”, a secluded beach in north Wales where he returns each year with his family.The minimal beauty and subdued tones of this rocky shore are echoed in the worn, weathered appearance of his surfaces, which suggest the inevitable passage of natural processes.


1950-4  Central School of Art, London
1949     Lincoln Art School