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Mexican ceramist Gustavo Pérez makes vessels that are simple, smooth and symmetrical. Their elegance is due to the precision of the incised lines and other markings on the pots. While using the same clay body—sand colored stoneware—throughout his work, the artist achieves a wide range of form and pattern and includes slowly undulating walls beneath the subtly incised surfaces. Part architecture, part mathematical pattern, and part lyrical movement, the sleek ceramic constructions were the subject of a major survey exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City.

Gustavo Pérez is constantly moving, and with each stage of his work he advances and investigates. His works are incessantly experimental. There have been parallel lines, calligraphic traces, geometric cuts into the surface, minimalist vessels, recollections of pre-Hispanic vases and references to other ancient cultures. “There is something distinct about all of these – coherence and synthesis. Material, texture, color and design all correspond in Perez’s works,” writes Alfonso Colorado.

Small details are important to Pérez, as he works through variations like a musician improvising on a melody. On a single uniform exterior the drawing may correspond to the distortions of the vessel. Lines of extraordinary subtlety continue to appear, incised into the surface of the clay. As Gustavo Pérez has continued exploring, line has been most characteristic of his work. The drawing and the structure of the vessel are unified in a more sinuous and flowing manner in the new pieces.

The ceramics of Gustavo Pérez are distinguished by eliminating superfluous details, by synthesis of his elements. During the past two decades he has created a visual language that seems closely aligned with music. Pure in form, with a significant structure, completely abstract and without specific associations, his language of line, the bending of forms, and the definition of the vessel mark his work as a distinctive voice. The form is not just a container or a receptacle; it is architecture. The work is also a support for drawings, which are at once ancient and modern, mechanical and lyrical. Mathematics, symmetry and intuitive sensitivity to proportion are the basis of his work.

Gustavo Pérez’s work is represented in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Long Beach Museum of Art, and the Cultural Center of Contemporary Art in Mexico City. He has been exhibiting internationally since the 1970s.


1971-73     School of Design and Art, Mexico
                 Studied with Enrique Rangel, Felipe Barcenas and Martin Lima
1967-71     UNAM, Mexico
                 Studied Engineering, Mathematics and Philosophy

Museum Collections

Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City
Cultural Center of Contemporary Art, Mexico City
Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, California
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Museum of Art from the Prefecture de Saga, Saga, Japan
Museum of Art, Querétaro City, Mexico
Museum of Contemporary Art, Oaxaca City, Mexico
Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Shiga
       Prefecture, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2014     Gustavo Pérez, Galerie Silbereis, Paris, France
2013     Line, Surface, Space, Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, Germany
            Gustavo Pérez, Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France
2012     Estación Indianilla, Mexico City
2012     Erskine Hall & Coe, London, United Kingdom
            Obra reciente, Museo Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
2011     Recapitulando, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Puls Ceramics. Brussels, Belgium
2010     Recapitulando, Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, Oaxaca, Mexico
            Obra reciente, Galería Quetzalli, Oaxaca, Mexico
            Gustavo Pérez à Sèvres, Galerie de la Manufacture de Sèvres, Paris, France
2009     Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, Mexico
            Galerie Loes en Reinier, Deventer, The Netherlands
2008     Puls Ceramics, Brussels, Belgium
            Reunión en la Memoria, Museo de Arte de Querétaro, Mexico
            Gustavo Pérez: New Work, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
2006     Gustavo Pérez: A Survey of Recent Work, Frank Lloyd Gallery,
                    Santa Monica, California
2005     Cambios, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City
2003     Cambios, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Galería Artur Ramon, Barcelona, Spain
            Galerie b15, Munich, Germany
            Galería López Quiroga, Mexico City
2002     Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Galerie Handwerk, Koblenz, Germany
            Galerie Fusion, Toulouse, France
            Garth Clark Gallery, New York
            Danmarks Keramikmuseum Grimmerhus, Grimmerhus, Denmark
2001     Galerie Besson, London, United Kingdom
            Galerie Ortillés-Fourcat, Paris, France            
            Galería ARTE3, Léon, Mexico
2000     Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Gallery Sjokando, Kyoto, Japan
            Gallery Move, Yokohama, Japan
            Keramikmuseum, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
            Galería de Arte Contemporáneo, Xalapa,Veracruz, Mexico
            Garth Clark Gallery, New York
1999     Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Cultural Center of Mexico, Copenhagen, Denmark
            Museum of Porcelain, Rostrand, Switzerland
            Variations in Ceramics, Casa Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
            Gustavo Pérez. Ceramics, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
            Gallery Sjokando, Kyoto, Japan
1998     Gallery of the University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto, Japan
            Gallery Yamaki, Osaka, Japan
            Gustavo Pérez and Koie Ryoji, Recent Work, Matsue Kaikan,
                    Shimane-Ken, Japan
            Gallery Meitetsu, Nagoya, Japan
            Cultural Center of Mexico, Paris, France
1997     Escultura y pintura, Juan Martín Gallery, Mexico City
            Con la música, Theater of the State, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
            Ceramics, International Festival of Biarritz, Biarritz, France
1996     Pruebas y errores, Library of Mexico, Mexico City
1995     Cerámica, Casa Diego Rivera Museum, Guanajuato, Mexico
            Cerámica, Manuel Doblado Theater, León, Gto, Mexico
            Cerámica, Museum of the Arts, Guadalajara, Mexico
1994     Cerámica, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, Mexico
1993     Penúltimas con secuencias, Juan Martín Gallery, Mexico City
            Mexican Cultural Institute, San Antonio, Texas
            Gustavo Pérez, Ceramista, Alfa Cultural Center, Monterrey, Mexico
            Cerámica y Dibujo, Gallery of the State, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
1992     Mudanzas, El Dibujo en la Cerámica, Metropolitan Gallery, Mexico City
1991     Cuadernos (with Gabriel Macotela), Gallery Ramón Alva of the
                    Canal, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
1990     Forma Abierta, López Quiroga Gallery, Mexico City
            Vasos Comunicantes, Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City
1988     Gallery of the Veracruz Institute of Culture, Veracruz, Mexico
            The Art Center, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
1986     Vasijas, Gallery of Mexican Art, Mexico City
1984     Galería Het Kapelhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1983     Sint Joost Akademie, Breda, The Netherlands
            Zeeus Kultureel Centrum, Middelburg, The Netherlands
            Kultureel Centrum, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
1980     Galería Teorema, Mexico City
1979     Gallery of the School of Design and Artesans, Mexico City
1978     Radio Educación, México City
1977     House of Culture, Querétaro, Qro., Mexico
1976     House of Culture, Querétaro, Qro., Mexico