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Sandy Simon is a studio potter and in 1994 opened TRAX Gallery in Berkeley, CA to provide greater representation for ceramicists dedicated to utility. Simon keeps her forms minimal, thus highlighting the beauty of a form, the detailed addition of wire handles, or subtle alterations including cutting, piercing, and relief. Her pots feel modern, yet familiar and comforting. “I want my pots to express timelessness and spontaneity.”

She was a student at the University of Minnesota in the late 60′s studying under Warren MacKenzie and Curt Hoard, having contemporaries such as Mark Pharis, Wayne Branum, Michael Simon,and Randy Johnston as her classmates. The “ball was rolling” at that time and energy in the pot shop was at an all time high. Young people were struggling to avoid the Vietnam war, struggling to avoid the “status quo” hoisted upon them by their parents, and struggling to find meaning in life. Clay provided all of the solutions. Making something by hand found an audience and personal values, once again, had a time to flourish.

Today, times are very similar. Old institutions and ways of doing things are going down. New ideas and innovations are taking their place. People are searching for and finding “integrity” in every aspect of their lives. Once again, clay provides this. Clay brings us to honor the earth and the things which are made from it.