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Craig Kauffman
New Work
April 3-May 1, 2010
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        The Frank Lloyd  Gallery will present an exhibition of recent wall relief sculpture and  paintings by Craig Kauffman from April 3-May 1, 2010. The recent work,  made by the artist in his studio in the Philippines, includes stainless  steel wall relief sculpture. In addition, Kauffman has continued to  work with translucent and transparent materials, painting on clear vinyl  and clear acrylic plastic. Throughout, the works reflect Kauffman's  life-long interest in unorthodox supports for painting, as well as a  sensuous and luminous color sensibility.

Kauffman has maintained a  home and studio in the Philippines since the late 1980s.  He has  continued to exhibit in the United States during the past two decades.   Recently, his early work has received considerable exposure in survey  exhibitions about the art of the 1960s that have been presented at major  institutions. Currently, the curators of the Museum of Modern Art  organized the show 1969 at PS1  in New York. Also, Kauffman's work has a presence in the Los Angeles  MOCA show, MOCA's First Thirty Years,  currently on view.

Craig Kauffman's wall relief sculptures are  his most well known work. Throughout his career, Kauffman has explored  the use of unorthodox materials, as most writers have noted. "Kauffman's  work has maintained its radiant color and its emphasis on certain  sensuous physical properties of his materials," according to Susan C.  Larsen.1 However, it is through his integration of sprayed color and  shape that he achieves the lush presence of his vacuum formed acrylic  wall reliefs. "Glossy and symmetrical, the work's visually wet surface  engenders anatomical, sometimes overtly sexual, comparisons."2

Craig  Kauffman (born 1932 in Los Angeles) is a major Los Angeles artist whose  work has been exhibited in the US and abroad since 1951. Kauffman  remains an active and enthusiastically received painter who is equally  well recognized for his history of adventurous engagement with new  materials. Kauffman is one of the most prominent and influential artists  to have come out of the Los Angeles art scene of the 1960s, having  shown with Felix Landau Gallery and later at Ferus Gallery.

1 Larsen, Susan C., Sunshine and Shadow: Recent Painting in  Southern California, Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 1986.

2  Armstrong, Richard, Craig Kauffman: Wall Reliefs from the Late 1960s,  Whitney Museum of American Art, 1987.