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Adrian Saxe
GRIN - Genetic, Robotic, Information, Nano
December 3, 2011-January 7, 2012
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The extraordinary experimentation in ceramic art of Los Angeles since  World War II is international in scope. Among the most inventive and  significant artists since 1970 is Adrian Saxe. Saxe's early work was  site-specific sculpture that employed arrays of modular ceramic  elements. Some of these pieces were exhibited in the late 1960s at the  Pasadena Art Museum.

Saxe has worked with the ceramic vessel  because he saw the opportunity to address complex social and cultural  issues in a format accessible to a broad audience. Since the early  1980s, Saxe has sought to reinvent a role for ceramic art that employs  decorative art conventions to comment on social and cultural  expectations surrounding a number of topical themes. Some of these  themes are explored in his new exhibition, GRIN—Genetic Robotic Information Nano (Technologies).

Christopher  Knight of the Los Angeles Times has written, "With outrageous humor and  unspeakable beauty, [Saxe] makes intensely seductive objects that  exploit traditional anthropomorphic qualities associated with ceramics.  Having pressed the question of the utility of his own art in a  post-industrial world, his work engages us in a dialogue about our own  place in a radically shifting cultural universe."                

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