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Group Show
Peter Voulkos in L.A.: Time Capsule
January 14-February 11, 2012
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Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14, 2012, 5:00-7:00pm

Peter Voulkos was, by all accounts, one of the most influential artists in L.A. history. He crossed every boundary, and though he is best remembered for his breakthrough work in ceramics, he was also a painter, bronze sculptor, and highly influential teacher. He knew artists ranging from Ed Kienholz and Robert Irwin to Billy Al Bengston, and worked with John Mason, Ken Price, Paul Soldner, Henry Takemoto and others. In a counterpart to the Pacific Standard Time project, the Frank Lloyd Gallery presents selected works from the collection of Peter Voulkos' daughter, Pier, in an extraordinary show that encapsulates the period of time 1954-1959.

Whether made by Voulkos, or collected by the artist from his colleagues and cohorts, the works in this exhibit directly related to the beginnings of assemblage art, abstract painting, and innovative ceramics that sparked the growth of modern art in Los Angeles. Works include a wall relief by Ed Kienholz, a very early painting and a drawing by Billy Al Bengston, and several examples of small-scale pottery by Peter Voulkos. In contrast to the large sculpture shown at the Getty Museum and Scripps College for Pacific Standard Time, these bold, innovative works have a domestic scale. As critic and curator John Coplans has written, "two ceramists, Peter Voulkos and John Mason, were the first to take the plunge into something quite startlingly unfamiliar by applying the most radical of techniques to fired-clay sculpture."

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