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Richard Shaw
New Ceramic Sculpture
November 25-Jan 10, 2004
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The new work of renowned ceramic artist Richard Shaw is on display at Frank Lloyd Gallery throughout the holiday season.  In addition to four monumental large-scale figures composed of Shaw’s signature trompe-l’oeil objects, Shaw presents his meticulously crafted still life sculptures.  Viewers can expect to see cakes, books, teapots, plates, and even a pencil house.

Shaw, a master of trompe-l’oeil sculpture, is a unique figure in the world of contemporary ceramics.  For over 25 years, he has used clay to recreate the mundane objects of everyday life, gathering them together into ceramic sculpture that has the power to both amuse and amaze.  From mayonnaise jars to milk cartons to paint buckets, Shaw appropriates mass culture while also drawing on personal experiences and memories. Using an astonishing array of techniques, including perfectly cast porcelain objects, hand built and thrown clay, and overglaze transfer decals, Shaw teases both the mind and eye with his startlingly realistic objects.