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Group Show
Small is Beautiful
December 7-January 11, 2014
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a group exhibition, Small is Beautiful. Presenting a selection of small-scale artworks in ceramics and other media, Small is Beautiful offers an alternative to the "bigger is better" ethos that permeates much of contemporary culture. Drawing its title from a collection of essays by British economist E. F. Schumacher, this show privileges the intimacy of objects that can be held in one's hands, or that bear evidence of their own production.

Ceramic artworks, as well as drawings and collages, make explicit reference to the role of the artist's hand. Forming clay, drawing ink across paper, and cutting and assembling materials are all personal, human gestures that tie a work to its maker. The impact of these modestly-sized works lies in the details that reveal themselves upon close inspection.

Larry Bell's series of "Fractions" are small collage works, each a unique exploration of the artist's interests in light and perception. Robert Hudson's Jitterbug Cup is a miniature work of assemblage that recalls his larger sculptures, incorporating hand-formed ceramic elements with a ready-made fishing lure. Adrian Saxe draws on a diverse range of influences in his work, many of which are distilled into the small works on display.

A small, hand-built bowl by Jennifer Lee evokes vast geological processes and landscapes despite its diminutive size, while striped, wheel-thrown bowls by Roseline Delisle demonstrate both her mastery of technique and her precisely applied surface treatments. The exquisitely detailed surfaces of several cups by Ralph Bacerra reward close examination by the viewer. Ken Price is also known for his work in the cup format, and produced imaginative versions of the familiar, hand-held object.  A small incense burner by Ron Nagle demonstrates the artist's commitment to working in a small-scale format, as well as his attention to color.

Robert Graham created a series of extraordinarily intimate ceramic reliefs, which continue his investigation of the female form. Richard Shaw's trompe l'oeil sculptures in porcelain delicately transform the transitory objects of domestic life into permanent symbols of mindfulness. Gustavo Pérez is represented by vessels that illustrate the importance of small details in his body of work, as he works through variations like a musician improvising on a melody.

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