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Ralph Bacerra
Richard DeVore
Richard Shaw
Group Show
July 12-August 16, 2014
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of work by three artists Ralph Bacerra, Richard DeVore, and Richard Shaw.

Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008) will be represented by a selection of ceramic works that demonstrate his technical prowess and attention to detail. With his focus on the ornamentation of the ceramic vessel, Bacerra mastered a variety of elaborate non-western techniques, drawing extensively on his travels to China, Japan, and Taiwan. He then synthesized these traditional techniques with the interlocking shapes of M.C. Escher and the abstraction of 20th Century painters including Wassily Kandinsky.  This has resulted in works with richly patterned surfaces, created through numerous, labor-intensive firings.

The gallery will also present works by Richard DeVore (1933-2006). His mature body of work revolves around the vessel form, with a glance inside revealing a smooth hollowed bottom, a doubled interior floor, or even a thin, membranous shelf. The earth and flesh tones of his pots simultaneously evoke the tactility of human skin and the complexity of landscape. Within his self-imposed parameters, DeVore created a rich and diverse body of work, each piece subtly distinct.

Richard Shaw (b. 1941) maintains an eclectic practice that incorporates a range of ceramic techniques. Best known for his trompe-l'oeil still-lifes, Shaw casts porcelain in molds, throws vessels on the wheel, hand builds ceramic objects and hand-paints and applies overglaze transfer decals to achieve a stunning level of realism. His work draws on American mass culture and often maintains a playful connection with international ceramic traditions. The porcelain still-lifes included in this exhibition are skillful and whimsical combinations of familiar objects, presented with humor.

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