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Peter Voulkos
Selected Work 1953-2000
March 8, 2003-April 5, 2003
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This selected survey of 35 works spanning the fifty-year career of the late Peter Voulkos (1924-2002) was presented at the Frank Lloyd Gallery during the month of March, 2003. From the earliest work out of Montana to the monumental late sculpture, Voulkos established himself as the leader of a revolution in ceramics. In her obituary for The New York Times, Roberta Smith wrote: "Firmly grounded as a craftsman, Mr.Voulkos went on to reinvent ceramics as a meeting ground for painting and sculpture. During his 50-year career Mr. Voulkos was influential as a thinker, teacher and fearless innovator who followed a constantly changing course." This was the first major exhibition to be drawn from the Voulkos Family Trust after the sculptor's passing on February 16, 2002. Additional works were selected from private collections in Los Angeles, and included pieces from the 1950s that had never before been exhibited in the area.