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Group Show
Black and White
June 9-July 14, 2007
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition of paintings and ceramic sculpture. Although the media varies, all of the works in the exhibit are united by the theme of black and white. This straightforward work, limited in palette, emphasizes composition and form. Bold, dramatic and spare, the structured works present the ultimate in contrast.

Larry Bell's early mixed media works offer a glimpse into how his investigations of volume, light, and illusion began. His work, Ghost Box 1962-1963, represents an intermediate stage between his two-dimensional representations of volume and his mirrored boxes which later evolved into vacuum coated cubes. This work was displayed in the MOCA exhibit, "A Minimal Future? Art as Object 1958-1968" in 2004.

Wouter Dam
is represented by a recent abstract ceramic sculpture. He builds his monochromatic sculptures by twisting and joining fragments from curvaceous cylinders. The bending and flowing forms contain and define complex spaces that seem to defy gravity. Like Frank Gehry's architecture and Richard Serra's sculpture, these small-scale sculptures are both structured and organic.

Ed Moses will be represented by recent large-scale abstract paintings. Moses has an extensive history with painting, and his lyrical abstractions of the 1950s and 1960s form a major and self-sustaining body of work. His recent work, spontaneous and open, shows the experience of decades of experimentation with process and materials. The paintings are extraordinary ventures into the realms of vitality and expression.

Craig Kauffman has produced drawings throughout his long and diverse career. Selected works will be included in this exhibit. Many of these works demonstrate Kauffman's facility with simple and playful line. This buoyant line has always been a part of his repertoire, and is a key element of the paintings, ranging from the abstract canvases of the 1950s to the silk paintings of the 1980s and 1990s.

Tony Marsh
will exhibit a vessel form filled with a variety of objects. It is part of his Radiance and Abundance Series, and as art writer George Melrod explains, "the vessels and their contents seem more weathered, but at the same time, more festive." The objects have enticingly smooth, uniform surfaces.

Cheryl Ann Thomas
will be represented by ceramic sculptures made by the coiling process. By allowing the construction to collapse and take accidental form during the firing, she has created a subtle and provocative work. Each piece is a record of her interaction with the material, as she allows the process to be her subject.