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Gustavo Pérez
New Work
May 3-May 31, 2008
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Gustavo Pérez has been showing in Los Angeles since 1999. For his sixth show at the Frank Lloyd Gallery, the ceramic sculptor exhibits a new series of work that incorporates surface drawing on thin cylindrical vessels. Bold patterns and striking compositions are balanced with symmetry and reversals. The ceramics of Gustavo Pérez are distinguished by eliminating superfluous details and by synthesis of his elements. During the past two decades he has created a visual language that seems closely aligned with music.

Pure in form and without specific associations, his language of line and the definition of the vessel mark his work as a distinctive voice. The form is not just a container or a receptacle; it is architecture. The work is also a support for drawings, which are at once ancient and modern, mechanical and lyrical.

Gustavo Pérez's work is represented in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Long Beach Museum of Art, and the Cultural Center of Contemporary Art in Mexico City. He has been exhibiting internationally since the 1970s.