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Cindy Kolodziejski
February 21-March 28, 2009
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce one-person exhibitions by Cindy Kolodziejski and Kurt Weiser. Kolodziejski and Weiser are highly skilled in painting on the ceramic surface, and deftly deal with the formal issues of painting on a curved shape. Both artists use contemporary ceramic forms as a support for figurative painting. While Cindy Kolodziejski continues to explore the fertile territory of human sensuality, Kurt Weiser pushes into a surreal and fantastic world on his odd-shaped globes.

Cindy Kolodziejski continues to make vessels by recombining and manipulating antique urinal forms. Not to leave out other areas of excretion, the bed pan has also made an appearance in her current body of work. Kolodziejski starts with these unusual antiques and adds layers of imagery and metaphor. In addition to the provocative use of a container for bodily fluids, the artist entices the viewer by adding the tentacles of an octopus. The interiors and exteriors of the vessels are glimpses of couples engaged in sexual activity. Juxtaposing octopus with coitus or a swan orgy, Kolodziejski sets up an unusual tension. There are mixed references to the water world throughout—including octopus tentacles, frogs, swans and bubbles. Delving into the sexual psyche, the works have a mysterious brew of exquisitely rendered images.

Cindy Kolodziejski lives and works in Venice, California. Born in Augsburg, Germany, Ms. Kolodziejski has had fifteen one-person shows since 1986. Her work is in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Long Beach Museum of Art, and the Newark Museum, among others.