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Kurt Weiser
February 21-March 28, 2009
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The Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce one-person exhibitions by Cindy Kolodziejski and Kurt Weiser. Kolodziejski and Weiser are highly skilled in painting on the ceramic surface, and deftly deal with the formal issues of painting on a curved shape. Both artists use contemporary ceramic forms as a support for figurative painting. While Cindy Kolodziejski continues to explore the fertile territory of human sensuality, Kurt Weiser pushes into a surreal and fantastic world on his odd-shaped globes.

Kurt Weiser has expanded his worldview onto globes. Bronze stands hold the oddly curved, almost pear-shaped orbs. He builds all of the elements for the works, and casts the porcelain as well as the bronze. The bending and flowing imagery has been described by Edward Lebow: "Weiser's dog-eat-dog world is awash in odd sexual and scientific tensions between wanting and having, desire and controlling, seeing and seizing." Weiser's own statement is modest:

"The ideas and subjects of these paintings on the pots are for the most part just a collection of my own history of fantasy and view of reality. They are built the same way we dream: Around a central idea, a cast of characters and environments just seem to show up to complete the picture."

This is Kurt Weiser's fourth one-person show in Los Angeles. A traveling survey, Eden Revisited: The Ceramic Art of Kurt Weiser, has been touring the United States for the past 15 months, and will open at Arizona State University on February 14, 2009. Weiser's work is in the collection of LACMA, London's Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan.